pharmacy collection in 3 steps

An easy and convenient service

Available 24 hours a day, our prescription pick-up service means you can collect your prescription at a time that suits you.

How it works

  1. Order your prescriptions as normal

  2. We’ll send you a text message. When your prescription is in the pick-up machine we’ll text you with a unique number.
  3. Go to the pick-up machine
 to collect. At a time that suits you, go to the pick-up machine and enter the number. 
The machine will dispense your medicines.
Not everyone will be able to use our 24/7 pick-up service. We cannot put your prescription into the machine if it contains:
  • items that need to be kept in a fridge
  • controlled medications, for example, morphine
  • large or bulky items, for example, dressings
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How to sign up

Fill in the online form or ask staff in store.
24 hour Prescription Collection